Kobe International Community Center

Kobe International Community Center

Saturday 23th December and Friday 29th December-Wednesday 3rd January and Monday 8th January are holidays.



<Kobe Community Forum>

The dates and theme of the 2017-18 Kobe Community Forum have been decided. Please mark the dates in your calendar and join us! Details here.



For foreign residents of Kobe KICC will be held "Citizen Lifesaver workshop" on January 26th (Fri) 13: 30 ~ 16: 30 (at the KICC meeting room). Those who participate this workshop can receive a certificate of "Citizen lifesaver"! !

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“ Make Friends in Japanese ! ” Let’s make friends with international/Japanese residents/students living in Kobe! It will be a great chance to practice your Japanese that one has learned in your KICC class/school!! Wednesday,February 21th, 2018 14:00-16:00 at KICC Click for more information



<Let’s speak Japanese>

Everyone is welcome

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Date & Time (Wed.) 17th January (Wed.)7th

(Wed.)21th February

1pm to 4pm
※For appointments    TEL (078) 291-8441


1st February